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The health of our cats is ESSENTIAL to us.

We believe that healthy eating is the basis for excellent long-term health.


We've tried different diets over the decades and have come to the conclusion that a raw, dry HYBRID diet is ideal.


We have chosen, for our kittens and adults, the holistic kibbles prepared by BOREAL no grains TURKEY AND TROUT. It is a complete formula for kittens and adults and IT IS A CANADIAN COMPANY. So no need to change food during the different phases of the cat's life.

This greatly facilitates the arrival of a kitten where there are already adult cats: no need to separate food bowls in the house.

This diet contains no wheat, soy, corn, coloring or meat by-products.


As for raw, we prefer to buy it already prepared and frozen. This way we ensure that all nutrients are present for a complete diet.

We will start when the kitten becomes an adult.


Let's never forget that cats are carnivores.