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The Abyssinian has a very gentle and friendly temperament. He has a great personality that is always endearing. With his lively gaze, he manages to communicate a whole range of emotions. He looks us straight in the eye and probes our souls.


Its voice is also a peculiarity inherent to the breed: the Abyssinian does not meow like other cats, it rather emits sounds close to cooing!


He is a BALANCED and extremely affectionate cat. He is always looking for cuddles and loves being in our arms. It is a very curious being, a present cat who will not hesitate to follow the members of the family in all their movements in the house. He is lively, attentive, playful... everything interests him! Due to his great intelligence, he can learn a large number of words and tricks.


The Abyssinian is often said to be a dog in a cat's body!

He is the best friend of children, because he loves to play with them while being very delicate. It is also the ideal companion for the elderly or disabled, because it is a comforting presence, a real little ball of affection! He knows how to bring life to theirs while respecting and adapting to their particular situations.


The Abyssinian does not need large spaces, as is often found in literature. He can lead a very happy life in an apartment.


He gets along well with other cats and dogs.