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It is often said of the Ocicat that he is an Abyssinian in a polka dot dress!

Being its close cousin, the Ocicat has a very similar temperament to the Abyssinian. Although he looks like a small leopard straight out of the African savannah, the Ocicat has a golden temperament!


As a result, all kittens will have a gentle and balanced temperament, unlike wild cat cross breeds, such as Bengals or Savannahs, which sometimes have personality extremes: in wild cat cross breeds, some kittens will be affectionate (never as much as an Ocicat), many will be very independent, never want to get caught, stress other cats in the house, be vocal, wild, destructive or dominant.


The Ocicat is an active cat, but a little less active than the Abyssinian. He is also more zen than his close cousin! It goes from active to calm, as if it had an "on/off" button: it can be playing and as soon as you pick it up, it falls into "relax" mode! We'll put him back on the ground and he'll pick up where he left off!


The Ocicat has a very friendly, very sweet and endearing personality. He is a very confident cat, sure of himself, of a happy nature, who is not vocal, but who knows how to make himself understood by his animated gaze.


He is BALANCED, very affectionate and SMART. His attachment is not exclusive to one person: he loves everyone, including strangers!


The Ocicat is always looking for attention. He likes to be held in our arms and can stay there for a very long time, all 4 paws in the air!! He LOVES having his belly scratched and PURRS CONSTANTLY! He is always by our side and follows all the members of the family as they move around the house. He is as intelligent as the Abyssinian, curious, attentive and playful.


The Ocicat is also said to be a dog in a cat's body!


He is an excellent companion for children, because he likes to play with them while being extremely delicate and very patient. He can even be manipulated like a doll! Conversely, he is also the ideal companion for the elderly or disabled, as he is a gentle comforting presence: a real love bug! He will love to lie wisely on their lap to be petted and will know how to bring happiness into their lives while respecting their particular situations.


The Ocicat does not need large spaces; he can lead a very happy life in an apartment.


He adores the company of other animals and has an unconditional love for dogs! He easily accepts other cats and is not very territorial.