Since its foundation in 1995, the Shinkara cattery has built a solid reputation by offering high quality Abyssinians and Ocicats, magnificent felines with intense colors and exceptional temperaments!


Over the years, the Shinkara cattery has been able to develop, thanks to its selection program, lines with unique looks and a quality recognized internationally.


Our cats are raised in freedom within our family, which makes them very sociable, happy, affectionate and confident beings.


Our cats are registered with the CFA (Cat Fanciers Association), the largest international cat association. This allows us to work with breeders from all over the planet. No other Canadian breeder works with our exclusive lines.


Abyssinians and Ocicats Shinkara are available by reservation only.

The health of our kittens is guaranteed.


Available colors:

Abyssinians: ruddy, red, blue and fawn

Ocicats: 12 colors. Specialized in silvers.


Our cats are on TV and we find them in magazines! We have seen them in many shows including "Fou des Animaux" with Tammy Verge. They were the stars of "Animal" magazine twice! They were on ''Les Poilus'' as well. They are also requested for advertising campaigns and are found on certain products, such as on the bags of "Vetdiet".