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The Abyssinian and the Ocicat are 2 HYPOALLERGENIC BREEDS


Good news for people with cat allergies: Abyssinians and Ocicats are hypoallergenic in the majority of cases!


According to scientific studies measuring the levels of allergenic proteins called FEL D1 and found in the saliva and sweat of different breeds of cats, the most hypoallergenic of all is the Abyssinian. 


The Abyssinian is the breed where we find the lowest protein levels and the main reason would be because it has remained very close to its ancestral ancestral origins.


Compared to a domestic cat, the Abyssinian is almost 200 less allergenic!

The Abyssinian is also more hypoallergenic than the Siberian cat and the Rex. (Not just on paper: we tested it too!)

The Ocicat being the close cousin of the Abyssinian, it is, by blood ties, also hypoallergenic!


You should know that the female is more hypoallergenic than the male.


As all humans are unique, we recommend that you come and visit us to test your allergies*


We have developed a protocol over the years and meet people with cat allergies every week.

And it works!!



(*) Until further notice, following the pandemic, visits to the cattery are suspended, except for departures.