When he moves, when his musculature plays under his skin, when all the suppleness of his body stands out harmoniously, when his head with its large expressive eyes and long erect ears reflects an intense interior nobility, we understand whY the Egyptians worshiped Bastet, the goddess with the body of a woman and the head of a cat.


Its dense coat is like rabbit fur: fine in texture, soft, silky, elastic to the touch and lustrous, requiring minimal care.

He sheds very little hair.


The coat is of medium length, but long enough to show a ticking (alternation) of 2 or 3 distinct colored bands.


The Abyssinian is HYPOALLERGENIC in many cases. (HYPO means less. Not to be confused with ANTI which means NO (allergies))


For technical information on the Abyssinian Breed Standard, you can consult the following link: Abyssinian Breed Standard – The Cat Fanciers' Association, Inc (cfa.org)


There are 4 colors recognized in the Abyssinian: ruddy, red, blue and fawn. The ruddy is a rich and exotic color, the red is a flame orange, the blue is a mix of soft blue and apricot sherbet and the fawn is a mix of rosy beige and oats.


The Abyssinian's coat is not a uniform tone, it is an ever-changing arrangement of interwoven colors, forming a kaleidoscope of tones each time the cat moves. Fingerprints can be seen behind the ears, remnants of the wild state which protect the cat during its sleep.