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Shinkara cattery is already 28 years old!

It's a love story for the Abyssinians that quickly became a real passion!


In 2007, we had a new crush!

Our feline family has grown with the arrival of the Ocicat, the magnificent cousin of the Abyssinian!


Our mission is to offer you an exceptional companion for his physical qualities, but essentially for his extraordinary temperament!

After more close to 3 decades of selections, today we are reaping the fruit of all these years of work!


Here, our Abyssinians and Ocicats are HAPPY and FREE to go wherever they want in the house. They are full members of our family and they are always by our side! We take great care to hold them, to pet them, stimulate them from an early age, which makes them extremely sociable and affectionate beings! They also live with our dog who they love and play with and who is a real fascination for them!


For us, the health of our cats is paramount and we consider that a healthy diet is the basis of health.

We chose a grain-free diet: holistic kibble (no grains, no by-products).


Our magnificent lines of Grand International Champions are free from close inbreeding, PKdef, PRA and feline leukemia / feline AIDS, since each subject has been carefully chosen and tested before being introduced into our breeding program


We only work with breeders who raise their cats free in their houses. They are conscientious and internationally renowned breeders, passionate about Abyssinians and Ocicats and for whom health and temperament are a priority. Most of them have over 25 years of experience and we are very fortunate to work with them.


**It is important to know that an Abyssinian or an Ocicat raised in a cage, without constant contact with humans, will not have the same temperament as an Abyssinian raised in total freedom in the house.


WE REFUSE to work with caged cats:

1) In principle, because it is inhumane to keep animals in cages for a large part of their lives. They all deserve to be socialized with other animals and humans and to receive plenty of affection.

2) We particularly refuse to work with cats in cages because we find them too nervous, they are afraid of noise, they are territorial, insecure, instinctive and they have difficulty sharing their space with our other cats.


A cat raised in a cage will have kittens in its image: generally, they will be nervous, independent, dominant, insecure, will have only one owner, will not like strangers or change and will not like to be held...

"You can take the cat out of its cage, but you can never take the cage out of the cat."


WE REFUSE to work with cats that have a bad temper:

Because the personality is largely transmitted genetically to the kitten. To have very affectionate kittens, in addition to a healthy and stimulating environment, it absolutely takes very affectionate parents and grandparents!

This is why it is imperative to know the pedigrees and the origin of the cats.